Invest into significant growth potential

MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Ltd.  invests directly into the Investment Company which is one of a few investment funds specializing in clean energy in the Caribbean.

Today the Caribbean region relies on fossil fuel imports and has correspondingly high electricity prices. With marked growth in the demand for energy, renewable energy sources are increasingly becoming an economical form of new electricity generation. Significant growth potential also exists for energy efficiency and energy storage.

Therefore the Caribbean region has great potential to offer an attractive investment opportunity to the Investment Company for the benefit of its investors. 


MPC’s vision is to become the leading investor for renewable energy in the Caribbean region, delivering new energy and attractive investments to it´s people and at the same time creating compelling opportunities for investors.

The MPC investment advisory team has already identified a broad pipeline of renewable energy projects in the Caribbean for the Investment Company which would significantly reduce the carbon footprint of preexisting power generation assets in the Caribbean region while matching  investors’ return expectations.


Renewable and clean energy is not only a must for our future but has also great investment potential.

MPC’s mission is to bring renewable energy to the Caribbean and the Caribbean people and thereby accelerating positive environmental and social impact.

The MPC investment advisory team has built extensive networks for proprietary deal origination and co-investment, a deep pipeline of projects, strong global strategic relationships and has demonstrated the ability to raise and deploy capital.